Where can I meet you?

I’m based in the peninsula part of the SF bay area. From time to time, I may travel within the US and Europe. I’ll post travel plans on Twitter and my travel page. If you’d like to fly me to you, I’m passport ready and would love to join you anywhere in the world!

Are you available for same day engagements?

Same day appointments are not available for first time encounters, as I need time to screen new friends. I am low volume and handle all inquiries myself. I’ll make the best effort to respond to new inquiry’s within 24-48 hours, but at times it can take longer. The more information you include in your initial message, the more comfortable I will feel about meeting you. I only share my number with established friends, which are free to text me about same day availability.

How should I present your donation to you?

I kindly ask that my donation be presented to me at the very beginning of our date. Please have my donation prepared in an unsealed envelope. If we meet in a public environment, kindly hand me the envelope inside a greeting card or gift bag. If I am hosting, please leave the envelope on the table in plain sight and excuse yourself to the bathroom. If you are hosting, please place the envelope on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.

Do you accept other forms of payment other than cash?

I accept bitcoin, please inform me before the date.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand how unexpected life events can occur and that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. However, I do enforce a cancellation policy. Cancellation within 24 hours of our time will require a deposit of half the total fee in order to reschedule. Cancellations within 12 hours will require the entire fee in order to reschedule. This policy is non-negotiable so please keep that in mind when making plans.

Can you send me a face shot before we meet?

Discretion is paramount for me. I am not able to send photos of my face. I have a life outside of this hobby and I protect my privacy as much as I will protect yours. However, I assure you that my face is just as beautiful and attractive as my body. I am often told I resemble Angelina Jolie, but I think I look more like a young Denise Richards (from Wild Things).

I can’t provide screening information because I’m high profile. Can we still meet?

Screening is non-negotiable. I take my safety very seriously and need to be able to verify that you are not dangerous or attempting to entrap me. I never store screening information or share it with a third party. I’m happy to sign an NDA if required.

Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails, so that I can see if we get along?

Absolutely, but the rates for my time remain the same. That would be considered an arrangement of time with me and requires my regular fee.

What will you wear during our time together?

I have a diverse wardrobe and variety of attire to fit any occasion. If there is something you’d enjoy seeing me in, please let me know. My personal style is classy, yet sexy. Rest assured that while I always turn heads, I don’t raise eyebrows.

Do you ‘party’?

No. I am drug-free and if you are high or heavily intoxicated, I will end our date. This includes medical cannabis, I don’t like the smell.

I didn’t get a response to my inquiry. Why?

As mentioned above, I am a low volume provider and I handle all inquiries myself. I have the luxury of selecting high quality introductions over quantity. I screen for compatibility as much as safety. Possible reasons a message doesn’t receive a response include:

  • Rudeness, crudeness, disrespect, or general lack of taste
  • Poorly written or bad grammar
  • Asking for a first introduction on short notice with no further information
  • Using acronyms to ask questions of a sexual nature

Please remember that I’m an upscale companion and wish to be treated as such.