I’m a corporate hottie by day, and a Silicon Valley vixen by night. But who do you become when no one’s looking?

Like you, I dream of a more leisurely time before our impatient digital world – given my affinity for collecting French furniture and listening to Verdi’s greatest compositions, I often imagine myself as a courtesan in a past life. I could have easily been an Anna Karenina or an Ellen Olenska, skirting in and out of an opera house in furs and taffeta. Perhaps you will be my gentleman caller.

Although I work in a forward-thinking industry, I believe in the tradition of men courting women and choose my dates accordingly. Because I have the luxury of quality over quantity, I pride myself on giving you my full attention during our rendezvous – I’ll always be a classy, conservative companion. Like any infamous courtesan, I’m well-educated in everything from finance to wine to equestrians. As an avid traveler, and having lived in both Europe and the Middle East, I look forward to swapping stories of international escapades – or sharing a trip together.

Until then, I await your call.


Vanessa Ann Blair